The milky wave

From a product with a very important history, a global and coherent brand.

Parmalat’s identity was associated solely to a logo which was applied in an incoherent manner.

Before and after: the introduction of the master brand and the milky wave guarantee visual coherence for all of the products. Every element on the packaging has a constant position, which helps to create a sense of familiarity in the portfolio.

The milk communicates Parmalat and its positioning with strength and simplicity. The colour identifies the various products.

On the functional milk the drop of milk becomes an icon, clearly suggesting the benefits and aiding the identification of the product, even on crowded shelves.

In the case of the sub-brands - Zymil and Puro Blu - Parmalat becomes the endorser and the milky wave guarantees coherence with the rest of the products.

The project concludes with a manual regarding visual application and the strategy of the new masterbrand.

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