Vallelata, authentic nature

We told the promise of the naturalness of Vallelata with warmth and modernity, bringing the product to the center of a spring

The new visual language is characterised by photography of the landscape where the products are set, a sincere and modern visual expression of a typical Italian landscape on a lovely summer’s day.

The representation of the valley.

The products are shown out of their packaging so as to show them at their best. Theirregular cut enhances the texture and implies authentic, gestural andinstinctive consumption, by an expert consumer who loves the quality of theproduct.

The logotype has been redesigned with a lighter, more elegant typography and straightened to represent the prestige and seriousnature of this leading brand with more effectiveness.

The new identity compared to the old one. The size of the logotype was increased as much as possible to achieve greatervisibility and a darker green was used to create contrast with the whitebackground.

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