2010-2019: A decade in typography

- Jeffrey Zeldman -

Other typefaces in this area include “Replica” by Lineto, for which an intricate digital grid was specially designed

The Swiss duo Kasper-Florio from the early years of the decade has combined the principles of Swiss design with a conceptual approach.

36days of Type is an annual initiative open to all designers, illustrators and visual artists, who for 36 days share a personal version of the letters and numbers of the alphabet under the same hashtag.

Some examples of typographic experimentation of the years 2010s.

The typefaces created by the students of ISIA Urbino for the New Wave project, 2019.

For the Bavarian State Opera it has been used the "Scotch Modern", a mid-800 serif revisited in a contemporary key.

Some of the "Web Safe" fonts available before the introduction of the WOFF format.

Verdana had been introduced not only for the company’s catalogues, but also for all its signing and communications. Considering the brand’s presence world-wide and the huge quantities of printed materials, the expenditure for this operation was certainly not cheap.

The v-fonts.com site collects variable fonts by many type foundries from all over the world, giving the opportunity to try them directly online.

Example of responsive typography that responds to viewing angle to stay more readable in 3D Space. Credit Andrew Johnson (@Aetherpoint) via Twitter

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