What is the future of digital shelves?

How the retail experience is influenced by the digital shopping

Product Comparator: providing a product comparator on the e-commerce platform will allow for a better product understanding, will simplify the choice and will replicate the comparison between products made in store.

Social Shopping Network: provide a dedicated section of e-commerce that focus on visual pleasing contents, able to amaze and catch this user attention, with a curated selection of the best products available and the opportunity to purchase them directly from the picture.

Automated Selector: provide a service based on opportunities of use. Either if the consumer needs products for a picnic or for house cleaning, the platform will select all the best and cheapest products available, creating a new tailored selection of deals every day.

Grocery Subscription: provide a grocery subscription based on consumer habits. By an initial profiling of the user, a connection with his calendar and a machine learning approach, the platform is able to model products and frequency, taking care of the grocery, with no involvement on the user's side. Consumers will be able to easily provide feedback and suggestions, when and if they decide to.

Recurrent shopping cart: create a dedicated service for hyperlocal customers based on an initial profiling in which users communicate their favorite brands and products. After that they can just upload their shopping list (or send it via message) and the platform will take care of shopping for them. This will shorten the research phase and optimize the time of the consumer.

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