Fatigue Made Attractive

Il concetto di fatica nel tempo: dalla connotazione negativa al superamento dei propri limiti

- The “no pain no gain” concept, linked to the world of sport and bodybuilding, has become widespread since Jane Fonda with her aerobics videos in the 80s. -

Lierac and Adidas propose two products focusing on the use of Innovative Technologies

Lavera and Giro d’Italia present themselves as being Green/Organic/Sustainable.

The Somatoline and Adidas brands focus on strengthening the concept of effectiveness of their products

) Clinique and Nike link their brand to high-energy images

Some examples of brands related to cosmetics for cyclists. All of these have played with common values and images, and suggest a positive take on the idea of fatigue: cosmetics as a way to support effort, not as its antagonist

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