Will a label safe
the world?

Human activities have an impact on the environment. This growing awareness has lead to a more responsible consumption. 

In front of the shelf the consumer has no doubt: between two equal products she buys the one with less environmental impact.

The EcoGreen bottle of San Benedetto and "Casa San Benedetto” in Milan Central Station.

Coke's PlantBottle maintains the same codes as the classic. On its side one can read at a glance the advantages of the new material.

The bottle made from vegetables (60%) has a different color. A sticker provides additional information. The layout is in line with the other products.

Innocent's logotype is redesigned.

The copy on the traditional label has been rewritten for Heinz.

The label keeps the brand codes yet it is completely different.

The product retains its identity but the color is different.

S. Anna regular and Bio bottle side by side.

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