A journey in the world of mascots

Rascal or wise, coloured or black and white, mascots have become constantly part of our daily life and are used to convey brand's values and personality.

Born in 1984, Frùttolo's cow has evolved its shape assuming more human traits.

Since his debut in 1951, the character of Tony the Tiger has spanned several generations and become a breakfast cereal icon.

The role played by the superheroes of Aquafresh is not only to entertain children but also to educate them to the importance of a good oral hygiene.

The playfulness and the joy of the Looney Tunes take Beltè decaffeinated tea by storm.

Rossella Brescia e Claudio Marchisio not only appear on the pack but in others touchpoints with the consumer: website, mobile app, Youtube videos...

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