Take-away in large scale retail

Italian retail distribution has however moved towards the ready‑to‑eat category in an almost undifferentiated manner

Compared to the range of the offer and to the typology of sales points, Iper has the most rational and best managed layouts when compared to the other main Italian competitors.

Not dedicated areas but the majority of the sales point is focused on Ready Meals. Spacious areas above the lines communicate freshness and genuineness of the offer to PL

Introdotta nel 2011, Waitrose Good to go ha 150 referenze, per ogni occasione e budget. Il tipo di imballaggio, la scelta dei prodotti e delle quantità dimostrano la chiara volontà di fare una linea take away e non solo ready meal.

The offering of ready dishes for the consumer in France is oriented mainly to the urban consumer, and especially focused on the lunch break.

The dishes proposed can be cooked at home or directly in the shop, using the available kitchen space.

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