The packaging is the message

How the functional and strategic role of the packaging changes

Amcor PushPop combines fun and functionality in a single, easy-to-open package: a convenient snack for any time of the day.

Domino's Pizza has made the box for its pizza an element of entertainment, designing it based on the consumer habits of its users.

For the labels of its bottles, Leeds Juicery, a brand of juices, uses paper made of sugar. The objective? The freshness and the composition of the product. To remind you that Leeds Juicery products are fresh and preservative-free, and that they need to be consumed within 48 hours and kept away from the light, the label says that "sugar paper also has the beautiful characteristic of changing in prolonged sunlight, just as the ingredients of the product".

Saltwater Brewery is a microbrewery founded in Florida in 2013 by "sea-lovers". Each artisan beer has a name inspired by the ocean to reflect the lifestyle and passion of the Founders. The objective of Saltwater Brewery is to minimise the impact of the beer packaging on the sea. A great step forward has been achieved with their creation of the first six-pack rings to be biodegradable in water and nutritious for marine creatures.

This Too Shall Pass has launched packaging made of agar-agar algae gel and water. Once open, the packaging will decompose at the same speed as its contents.

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