La Verdi, Rebranding
A brand new corporate identity for one of the world’s leading symphony orchestras in action in Milan, to bring first-rate music to everyone.

A Symphony Orchestra for everyone

The Fondazione Orchestra Sinfonica e Coro Sinfonico di Milano Giuseppe Verdi was established in 2002 to promote and support the activity of one of the world’s leading symphony orchestras and its choir. This association proposes a series of activities in the city of Milan to give the community cultural, musical and social education; it pursues the noble ambition of making music an open and accessible activity for everyone.

This association is more commonly known as “la Verdi” and its history points towards a rebellious nature in the world of first-rate Italian music; it has courageously and tenaciously rejected the labels associated with classical music over time, offering the community the possibility of discovering the passion and wealth of a cultural offer that nowadays excludes most people.

The new Corporate Identity has been developed as contemporary visual marketing, creating a tool that can engage everyone, using a language that respects the messages it carries, and making the most of the cultural content of the offer.

The mark, before and after. 

The new Logo has extremely close ties to the previous one, which was born under the sign of musical drive; it arises from the notes dancing on the musical stave and – just as these can express an infinite number of melodies – the new Logo is also flexible enough to create a system that can put its name to the many entities that are encompassed in la Verdi.

The versatile use of the logo helps to define a consistent but animated identity, one that has a number of “musical” interpretations at all the Brand’s points of contact.

The theater program, the CD with recordings and some writing materials.

The language developed for la Verdi is deliberately dissociated from the language used by other institutions; they have not been able to set up a sentimental relationship with the general public over time, on the contrary, they have helped generate the perception that classical music belongs to an elitist, aloof world.


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