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Silvan, the Great Magician.

August 18th

We think passion is the heart of every successful project. That is why we want to tell you stories of passionate people and beating projects Made with heart, like ours. The story worth telling today is about Silvan, renowned magician, illusionist and mentalist, and magical inventor.


With heart in the heart of LATAM

May 23rd

Growing economies, a recognized creativity and a young and dynamic population: Brazil and South America have been identified as a beneficial area for the CBA network development who settled in this region creating a joint-venture with the Brazilian agency B+G (BmaisG).

Designing Labels with Heart

May 9th

COM. PACK has interviewed our Client Director Cristiano Mauri on how the labels are perceived from the consumers point of view. Are they really useful? Do the consumers read them? How will they evolve in the future?


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